Q. How important is it to have a high quality image to load?
A. Very.  You need to be sure you upload high quality image if you hope to get back a high quality print.  We do not "re-develop" with any additional edition or balancing on this end.

Q. How long is the printing process?

A. Typical color "weaving" is two weeks with additional 2-3 days for shipping.  Holiday season and promotional/coupon campaigns may be longer due to high volume/demand.

Q. I loaded a very high quality image and the editor says it is 100% but it looks blurry and pixilated in the editor.
A. The image that is displayed on the screen is only useful to size and crop the image and to verify the aspect ratio and the elements of the image that will be visible on the product. It is not an indication of quality and your image should be in great shape as long as it is near or at 100% in the quality indicator.

Q.  How do I hang this on the wall?

A.  Each piece of metal photo art comes with a saw-tooth hanger. You have the option to upgrade your backing to a wood block mount that will allow the metal photo to be hung on the wall and also stand off the wall in a relief. 

Q.  Is the image printed on the metal?
A  No, the image is chemically sublimated into the surface of the metal creating a permanent new image surface.

Q.  How fast will this ship?
Often each order will ship within 14-16 days of the receipt of your order.  During some promotions via Groupon it can be up to 21 days due to the high demand of this product.

Q.  What is the difference between “weaving” and “woven”?
We are photo weavers and have a sister site called  Weaving means in production and woven means production complete and getting ready to ship.

"Art with an edge."
Full Metal Photos
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