About Our Infusion Lab and Image Creation Process

We operate one the largest heat infused dye sublimation labs in North America.  We take your digital photographs and infuse the image into metal. 

The process is called sublimation.  We start by using a high quality printer with eight inks to create a reverse image of your photo on a temporary substrate.  We then overlay the substrate on to a sheet of specially treated aluminum.  Both are placed on to a heat press.  The paper is heated to 425 degrees for 75 seconds.  The special ink instantly turns to a gas and vaporizes (infuses) into the aluminum.  Your metal photos come to life with colors and hues that are more rich than paper or canvas because the image is infused into the surface and not on it.

100% Money Back Guarantee when you use at least a 3300 x 4200 pixel or above image.

We think you will agree when we say this unique photo format is truly spectacular and worth every penny. So much so that we guarantee your metal prints will be impressive and brilliantly crafted in the United States of America under the highest quality standards in the industry as long as you use a high quality high dpi image to start with. Do not be fooled by cheap knock-offs of our product sold at or below our prices. We promise the detail and resolution will be unsurpassed by any competitor or photo print on paper or return your metal art photo prints for a no questions asked refund of the purchase price.

Metal Photo Durability
The surface of each photo is ultra-scratch-resistant, waterproof and can be cleaned easily with glass cleaner. Our unique format is truly spectacular and available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

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Our high-tech and affordable art medium is perfect for preserving your images by infusing chromatic dye directly into specially coated aluminum photo sheets. Your image comes to life with colors and hues that are more rich than paper or canvas because the image is infused into the surface and not on it.
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"Art with an edge."
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Full Metal Photos
Why Metal Photos and Art?

Photos and art printed on metal is the best and new way for preserving and displaying photos.  Now we can heat infuse any image into specially coated aluminum for dramatic metal photos. You images will take on a breathtaking luminescence.  You have never experienced a more vibrant and impressive print.

With spectacular detail, the image is vibrant and the colors are unbelievable.  Durable and impervious to water, the effect of an image infused into gloss metal must be seen to be appreciated.
Create Your Own Custom Photo Phone Case for your IPhone™
Create a custom phone case by uploading your own photo or artwork for a totally personal design on your cell case!
Choose from two types of wall hanging kits for metal prints unframed. The standard kit hangs the metal print approximately 1/8" off the wall. The float mount hanging kit sets the image off the wall 3/4".

Both kits are made of 100% aluminum and include wall bumpers to protect the wall. Hanging kits accentuate the uniqueness of your photos on metal and are available for all our metal
Easy as 1 2 3!
Why follow the crowds?
Our cutting edge metal photo prints will impress all who view them and will stand the test of time. The secret to each metal print's endurance is that it was created by directly infusing your image into aluminum thus creating a picture that is more vibrant and durable than normal photo prints. The future of photo printing and archiving has finally arrived!

"This cutting edge technology creates photos that last 10 lifetimes!"
                - Nu-Review
"A perfect addition for any photographer!
      - Lasting Impressions